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  • I cannot get this device to connect to WiFi no matter what I do. I run the exact same code on it that I run on my Adafruit ESP32s, yet it never connects.

    I even ran just the Basic WiFi Example from Sparkfun, yet no joy. Just prints ..... infinitely while waiting for WL_CONNECTED. And yes, the SSID and password are correct. :-)

    Any ideas?

  • I'm considering buying one of these because of the form-factor, but ... I've done a ton of development on the Nordic nRF52 DK kit, using mBed OS and I was wondering if I can use this same code on this board? I can't use Arduino for this project -- Arduino just isn't up to the task and trust me, I've tried -- so I'll need to use mBed or some other RTOS. mBed preferred since I already have the code perfected there.

  • There hasn't been much activity here lately ... Wish I'd read these before purchasing.

    I bought a bunch of these boards, and so far, they appear useless. I bought the battery block, and the battery block with the battery attached. Great, this should work. Put my Edison on the battery block, plug it in to USB, turn it on, and ... No idea what it is doing. Lights on the battery block come on, but the Edison never comes up. I've configured it via the Mini-board, so I know what IP address it SHOULD get, but it never shows up on my network. Neither board seems to actually power the board to the point that it will boot.

  • I saw that someone else asked about using this with an Intel Edison, but it wasn't answered. Any idea if this camera would work with an Edison and the Edison breakout board (not the Arduino board)?

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