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  • This is such an awesome project. I have created something similar. I used a (power hungry) raspberry pi, Python script and an old Nokia 6301. I enhanced the phone with an LCD display. Unfortunately there wasn't room in the case for the ringer I built. But it doesn't matter as the Nokia has a realistic ring tone! Everyone loves it, although the battery life is a bit short with 6xAA. I have also added a programmable phone book which makes dialling a lot quicker. My next version will use a PIC as per this project and a new/old red phone :)

  • I built this ringer circuit and it worked a treat. Only problem is that it kept blowing the H-bridges (and PICs). I think this is due to the rated voltage of 36V, as jwr pointed out, not sure why the PICs kept blowing. In the end I bought 10 of each, but gave up after blowing a few more. I am going to redesign the circuit so that it outputs 36V and maybe put some protection in for the PIC. Actually it didn't start blowing the components until I soldered it all up onto Veroboard, maybe I made some minor error somwhere.

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