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  • I have been in the business of Electrical Engineering for three decades. Fluke was a recognized brand in this industry before I got here and likely will be long after the worms eat my remains. Fluke products have a distinctive look and always have. Different product series have had different looks over the years but the “Yellow Rubber Bumper” of the 70 series is about as iconic as a design element on a piece of test equipment can be. When the look of your product melds with your brand name you need to protect them both. People, even highly educated and rational people, form options based on images. Even if you know it’s a knock –off, a meter with that “Yellow Rubber Bumper” look falsely gets some of the credit Fluke has honestly earned just by subconscious association of imagery. It is theft by deception.

    It would be impossible for me to say if SF was duplicitous in the intended deception. I don’t and can’t know what they thought in their minds or felt in their hearts when placing the order. What I can say is that if they didn’t know what a Fluke 70 series DMM looked like then they are not actual Electrical Engineers. Having developed many products and having familiarity with offshore CMs, I know SF approved a “First Article” of the product before it was released to production. They should have known better. Don’t build the SparkFun brand on deception if you want to succeed in the long run. Renounce the foreign CM who made you a co-conspirator or admit it was all your idea to start with.

    If you have an ideological conflict with the US IP laws then either defy them and gladly suffer the consequences of your actions when your stuff get confiscated or respect the law and work to change it through the available legal means, including public advocacy. Don’t try to have it both ways. That just makes you look like a hypocritical jerk.

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