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  • I havn't seen the MM's in question....But could they just put an Orange Jacket on this shipment of meters? (Or Pink, Purple, Black, Iime Green?) And If you can't take them to China because it will cost, burning them will cost you.....(And I m guessing burning MM's aren't great for the Environment) then send them to a school in a 3rd world/ Developing country. Im sure the good will and press will more then cover the shipping expenses!

  • Okay, First let me say that I am of the open source frame of mind, and have mixed feelings on knockoffs. As long as their not claiming to be something there not then I mostly don't have a problem with them....I DO have a problems with EXACT CLONES. Now I have owned one grey fluke (the outside ring instead of yellow was a darker grey then the multimeter I THINK) I believe it was a model in the 70 something line. I have also had a yellow Jacketed fluke 77 which I LOVED. (IT was stolen) So I did a search on the model 70 flukes do try to find what year my grey one was. Imagine my suprise at this: [img]http://i9.ebayimg.com/07/s/000/77/61/de35_2.JPG[/img] Its a picture of Flukes that are grey, yellow and black!

    I can see where it's nice to pick up a specifically designed Multi-Meter with a yellow jacket....It's Associated in my Brain on a subconscious level with quality BECAUSE of Fluke....And I mean If fluke wants to patent a an easily distinguishable style yellow jacket Exclusive to Fluke, I can see that.....and don't have a problem with it. I don't yet have enough info to make an informed ABSOLUTE conclusion...BUT if there producing Multimeters of 3 different colors and claiming that the yellow jack means its a Fluke period...well WTF? I currently have Multimeter that is higher end (But I wish it was a Fluke)

    And I was going to comment that it's on whoever designed the Multimeter in question to have looked into this (As Im guessing the company that made mine did, and that's why Its bright orange) After all in the US they say Ignorance of the law is not a defense. But If I can pick up a multimeter that's a fluke, and its not yellow as described....Then his argument doesn't hold water! And although I commend Wes (FLUKE) for trying to make it up to Sparkfun,(And I know they made this "Donation" to makes things right AND to help save face)

    This is the search I did on Google: Fluke multimeters over the last 15 years. And I clicked on the one fourth from the top,Fluke multimeters over the last 15 years Again, this is the Imgage I found: [img]http://i9.ebayimg.com/07/s/000/77/61/de35_2.JPG[/img]