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  • Well, turns out the baud rate somehow slipped to 4800, and the transmit pit is pin 4 of J1, not pin 2 or 3, as the documentation for the USART example from ATMEL states. Works OK! Fred

  • Hi, tried to hook up the LCD kit to an ATMEL Xmega A3Bu board, using the USART example; compiled and programmed no problem. Can’t get the LCD to display what I tell it to. Using USARTC0, and the yellow wire to either Pin2 or 3 of J1.

    // USART options.
    static usart_rs232_options_t USART_SERIAL_OPTIONS = {
        .baudrate = USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE_BAUDRATE,  //9600
        .charlength = USART_SERIAL_CHAR_LENGTH, //8
        .paritytype = USART_SERIAL_PARITY,  //None
        .stopbits = USART_SERIAL_STOP_BIT //1
    // Initialize usart driver in RS232 mode
    // initialize the display
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x80 );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x0 );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x80 );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0xff );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0xfe );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x0c );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0xfe );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x0d );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0xfe );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x80 );
    usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 0x0 );
    while (1)
      usart_putchar(USART_SERIAL_EXAMPLE, 'a');

    Thanks in advancce,Fred

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