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  • Some ideas:

    • Glitter gun: inflate a balloon, keep end closed with a servo, attach to a hollow tube filled with glitter, house inside a box file with a hole (or similar). Remotely activate to fire over a colleague at their desk.
    • Announcer: Wave shield or similar, remotely activated, add rude phrase, house in a box file and ask victim to deliver it somewhere. As they get near people activate the announcer. Bonus: willing accomplice who pretends to be offended.
    • Loud USB drive: house a personal sonic alarm inside a USB drive enclosure so that when plugged in it activates.
    • USB Banger: house a banger inside a USB thumb drive so when plugged in it goes off. Could use an exploding resistor with high current cap or dedicated banger/rocket igniter.
    • Bad backup: modify USB HDD housing so that it contains a spring and lock, and can be remotely activated to eject the HDD out of the end. Give this "critically important backup" to an intern, and as they walk off activate and the HDD goes flying.
    • The Internet: create a box that contains a copy of "The Internet" ala IT Crowd sketch. Ultrasonic sensors so it makes noise if you get near it, lights, humming sound, the works.
    • Sound splicer: For colleagues who plug headphones into their PC. Splice a sound generator into their audio jack inside the PC. When they are concentrating play some really loud adult content. They won't be able to stop it. Or just play a second or two randomly.

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