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  • Thank you for posting that.
    Since they are using a new magnetometer - I bet the I2C data read is a little different that the old one. Looking at the firmware code, it appears it reads 6 bytes, then adds another read that is supposed to be needed to reset the index to 3 (where the first of 6 bytes is supposed to be loaded).
    I don't see the need for this extra read when I look at the data sheet listed above.
    I suspect the "extra" read is no longer needed, and instead begins reading the next byte... which means that we are now offset with the next 3 reads. That matches what I am seeing.
    If Sparkfun allows me to update the firmware to test this out (and still allow me to send this back if there is a H/W issue), I'll post again with my results.

  • Just connected up my 9dof board. As indicated, board is setup to 57600 baud not 38400 on default.
    Using the example firmware loaded - the data shows activity, accelerometer and gyro data make sense. Mag data is pretty wonky though. Static data at random position shows (for all outputs):
    Looks like one output is being missed with each row?
    Is this something I should worry about, or an artifact of the bootloader firmware?
    PS - looks same if I just choose Mag data.

  • Just purchsed my Razor IMU - added a header, connected 3.3v FTDI cable, and have data showing on com port through hyperterminal.
    Mag data looks good, gyro data looks good, however the accelerometer data shows as 0,0,0, no matter what is going on with the Razor IMU.
    As I have not really done anything yet, should I try anything else? Or is this some defect/issue?
    Thanks for the help!

  • Can anyone comment/help me understand the 5m accuraty with WAAS in the feature set? I have the EM-406A module, and not sure how to enable this (if possible).

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