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  • I have to wonder why such a large company (I know you do multiples of revenue of other companies in the sector) didn’t have a support contract with Oracle for MySQL. They are cheap in the big scheme of things and it seems like most of your gripes could have been solved by opening support cases.

    Disclaimer, I do MySQL support for Oracle, so your reasons for switching give me even more questions.

  • The bandsaw I have has a large catch area that is lined with fine mesh screen to receive the debris and filter it from the return coolant. Periodically clean the screens and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  • You can adjust the ACME nuts in the yoke on a BP to take the backlash out and tighten it up. Along with cleaning the slideways and properly adjusting the gibs, you can make an old BP work very well. Most BPs just don’t get maintained; buy a manual, they are still available from reprinters and probably Hardinge directly.

  • I’ll give you this if you adjust my pillow.

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