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  • Thank you for that. Yes, what I really need is, once a track is initiated, all triggers to be inhibited until the current track is finished when they become potentially active again. As I mentioned,its working, but because the other buttons are currently able to interrupt, I can imagine punters just whacking away at random buttons if they are not interested in the track playing. There are several commercially available boxes which are specifically designed for museum situations but like all ‘niche’ products very expensive.I love this thing so hope this is do-able without delving too far into the ‘innards’ (I’m still, sorry to say, stuck in the analogue world) Richard

  • Trigger inhibit:

    Hi just got hold of Wav. Trigger and struggling a bit to assimilate it all. Fairly electronics savvy but ‘old- school wrinkly’ so please bear with me. Urgent museum display job requires 8 button, one track per button sound clips. Can I inhibit the other channels from triggering until active track is finished? Currently with retrigger and polyphony disabled on each channel its working , but can imagine kids playing havoc retriggering. It may be acceptable to customer but it would be nice to get it right. I should say this is a standalone job ie no serial control or suchlike. Oh one other thing, with smoothed unregulated 10v supply, 8ohm speaker and amp enabled the 1117 regulator seems to get pretty hot. Is this normal? Thanks all, hope thats not too dumb. Richard

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