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  • Part 2
    It seems that the placement of the LEDs on that initial screen is based on how many board the system things are connected together. This arrangement means that the system thinks that two board are connected together. This explained it all. Every OTHER frame was being displayed because the second frame was being sent to a phantom board.
    Upon further analysis of the firmware, it seems that after 255 times of the board being power cycled, the EEPROM location that stores that there is 1 board being connected gets rewritten. So i just power cycled my board a few time and it started behaving properly again....
    I guess during the development of the firmware, they encountered this situation before. That would be the only reason i would think they had the routing to rewrite to the eeprom. Anyone from sparkfun care to comment.

  • Part 1
    So this was interesting... I noticed that my animations started to look a bit choppy. When I slowed down my animation it looked like it was updating the screen two columns per refresh, as opposed to 1 (which i programed). After some thought i hypothesized that it was only printing ever OTHER frame. I confirmed this behavior with some short test code.
    So i started to audit my code to see if i was doing something wrong, or had hold timers to short or anything like that. I didnt find any error in my code.
    After getting slightly confused i stood back and just started to observe again. It was then that i noticed something weird. When the board starts up, it displayed 2 red, 2 green, and 2 blue dots. This is done from the firmware on the device. Usualy this is displayed on LEDs 0-5. However, my board was using LEDs 1-6. I thought this was weird and assumed that i corrupted the boards firmware. But i still had to double check what the boards firmware did.

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