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  • I bought it from NKC via Amazon so I haven't done anything direct with you guys so far apart from the earlier comment. I could return it though that route but wondered if you wanted it to look at (or maybe it comes back to you anyway?). What's the best thing to do?

    I received two others at the same time that were fine incidentally. I certainly can't blame anyone in the chain for this - the damage was invisible until the board was removed from the plastic bag.

  • I think that you may want to consider removing the connector on the battery side (which can't be used anyway). I have received one that got crushed in transit and the connector punctured the battery. Clearly it generated a fair bit of heat as the pcb shows damage and the connectors have melted down.

    Then there is the question of what I should do with the melted board. Do you want it back to examine?

  • Done.

  • Ok.

  • The current performance of the Kalman on a Pro Mini would be far inferior to the highly optimized alternatives (on the other hand, it does seem to perform nicely on the Pi, even if it is wasteful). Now that the RTIMULib drivers are in a reasonable state for 9-dof operation at least, I will take a look at stripping down the Kalman. This is exactly what RTIMULib was designed for - to make filter (and driver) development, testing and tuning easy to do. A lot of things are getting multiplied by zero in the Kalman so there's a fair bit of waste. It's not so much of a problem on the Raspberry Pi which has pretty decent floating point performance. The problem there is getting the data through the OS. It's the opposite to a bare metal microcontroller where it's easy to get the data but there's less processing power.

  • Something that would be interesting would be to put those two filters into RTIMULib as alternatives to the (highly unoptimized) Kalman filter that's there currently.

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