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  • I can respect this position.

    However, it is clear from this GitHub issue that the community does not want to support SRL in any way, yet we are forced to because they manufacture the boards and are withholding payment from Arduino LLC.

    Not only are SparkFun and other vendors in a tough position, so is the community. SRL has made it nearly impossible to support Arduino LLC buy buying hardware. I've seen many people express their desire to skip all the drama and buy Teensy boards instead; Paul Stoffregen is a major contributor to the IDE and the community, and his boards are crazy powerful for the price. This is a logical backdoor for supporting Arduino LLC with hardware purchases, even indirectly.

    SparkFun can solidify its position in this scenario by choosing not to stock the "new" "Arduino" boards released by SRL.

  • RadioShack went brain dead when the execs decided it should become a "me too" player in the cell phone retail market.

    Of course all the good stuff will sell now that they've marked it all down below retail price.

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