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  • yay - this was a fun and creative way to do a giveaway. can you tally up and post statistics about the attempts/captchas/etc? would be mind-boggling to see, for sure. thanks, sparkfun - you haz awesoem.

  • Cool - thanks for the update. Any ballpark ETA for new units?

  • Aww - every time I check, this product is in backorder. I found it here: Sorry SparkFun, I have to go elsewhere for this item, but I'll be back here for more!!!! :-)

  • hi - so i am using the 3 pins on one side to read-in the rotary data no problem. and actually there is little to no bounce, which is uncommon for such a cheap little unit! but also i have a question, i can't figure out how to read in the push button data ... it doesn't seem to be the two pins on the other side ... am i missing something?