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  • Congrats to Sparkfun for their continued success, but it’s unfortunate they chose this occasion to start email spamming. I also really don’t appreciate the implication that I actually opted in for spam when I created my account, that was not an option. Very disappointed, I used to hold you guys higher than the typical e-tailer.

  • Bre is such a creep. When he claims he needs to go closed and people point at the success of Sparkfun, he counters by pointing out “He draws lines and doesn’t share his backend system, his material sources, his detailed finances (although he does share some of them!), or customer data.”

    Well, shoot, Sparkfun doesn’t sell backend systems! Material sources? When you have the data sheets that SF provides you don’t need to know who they bought it from and what kind of deal they got. Detailed finances? Only if they were publicly traded. Customer data? What are you saying, Bre, that Makerbot has been giving out private customer data to anyone who asks?

  • What kind of plug is that for the speaker? I’m sure some people can tell from sight but I can’t so it would be helpful to include a matching connector in the related products section below.

  • Thank you for posting your data breech by those under color of authority. Most companies would blindly do what it says and not tell anyone. It’s really good to hear Sparkfun really DOES care about it’s customers.

  • Those are sexy EZ Hook probes. Does anyone know where one could get a rainbow pack like that? They would go great with my Saleae Logic.

  • The challenge, of course, is being able to shape and mold it with the same kind of precision as a 3D printer would. I’ve described solid object models with OpenSCAD that I know I could never hope to tool by hand.

  • I never really looked into shift registers because I didn’t know about RCLK… I always figured there would be some set up “side effects”.
    Thanks for lighting the candle, now I think I love shift registers. lol

  • I know if there were some good tutorials and guides I could use for self study I’d be tempted to give it a whirl.

  • Awful lot of highlighted ????s in that data sheet…

  • I just got a hot air station since I’ve started to outgrow my toaster oven and I wanted to give a shot to recovering parts from old and broken equipment. What kind of surface are you using under the PCB? I did something similar to this and it worked out great as far as the circuit was concerned, but the laminate on my table started to peel off and I now have a board imprint on the textured plastic table. :)

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