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  • I was wondering what the backorder status meant on the half-pound box in my order. I'm happy that SF is going to the trouble to honor the orders instead of merely refunding.

    I hope it helps that I wound up buying another $80 in stuff a couple days later. Oh man, what am I doing? This can't be good for my budget...

    Enjoy your quiet day on Friday.

  • Same here. We will survive... with a sweet eight ounces of who knows what!

  • I really like the BBB vC, and it's great to see plenty of them back in stock. The upgrade of the eMMC from 2 GB to 4 GB made a major difference for running it easily.

    "But hey, I can get a RasPi for less." Yeah, but this is better. (I mean yeah, get a Raspberry Pi B+ as well -- learn 'em all, love 'em all). This has a 1 GHz ARM chip as well as two separate processors just to handle each of the GPIO blocks. This gives it an amazing throughput while you... ummm... do a lot!

    Have you been thinking, "I'd like a web page that told me why my check engine light is still on"? No problem: Linux, CAN BUS, go for it.

    Have you been thinking, "I have no bleepin' clue how to set up a web server and I don't have a desktop machine to turn into a server"? You plug it in and is already hosting a page. Done. Next question.

    "Can I sense more... well, stuff?" 92 frackin' GPIO ports! Ninety-two, lasses and lads. You can make I2C circuit sets then run interactive robot craziness.

    Jesus wept. Buy one or two!

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