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Member Since: November 25, 2008

Country: United States

  • No tables or doorways around when it started to rumble... PFFFTTT Hmmmm guess it was just the mexican food Mike keeps feeding me.

  • I just heard that gay church weddings has been legalized in Denmark... Let's go!

  • I am very disappointed in myself that I got greedy and went for the quiz. After 2.5 hours of pressing refresh and answering the first question right for 3 times, without the server responding, really is a bummer. Serves my right to not just go for the 10 bucks allowance and instead ending up with nothing.
    I'll see you a load balancer and raise you an installation of Varnish! ;)

  • I'm so happy to see that Denmark, my very small home country, is represented on my favorite site! :)
    As a side note to the whole "you should put stickers on it" - the team have decided that the rocket project should be driven by volunteers and donations. Also donations would only be taken if there were no conditions ie. commercial interest. Guess that's why it's called donations and not investments... ;)

  • My thoughts exactly Royce...you beat me to it. Also, if you put in a monster motor and it'll continue right till the end of the track not breaking a sweat, maybe even further! D) Of course who's to say that you comp. won't read these comments and just finds a bigger motor? :)

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