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  • Excellent! Any chance of getting the trace width/spacing decreased to 5 or 6 mils for 2 layer boards? I’ve been trying to design a 80pin LQFP breakout board and the 8mils width/spacing is killing me. Even 7 mils might get me there. Any chance?

  • Thus far, pretty boring - although I can ascertain that they
    have some kind of pet walking around. Pretty sure I saw a dog. Plus it sounds like you like blasting music - sounds like a cool place to work (and not for the obvious reasons of getting to play with electronics)…

  • There is no reason to panic with these batteries - I charge much larger LiPo batteries for my RC helicopter with no problem. You just need to use a LiPo approved charger, and learn what is the maximum voltage and current you can charge them at (probably 9v @ 450mAh, but follow any provided directions).

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