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  • Just got the RET6 beta version directly from leaflabs. So fast, oh so fast. 17us conversion times on 12bit ADC?! Compared to roughly 100us for 10bits on the atmega328p! Spent the afternoon porting the IMU with kalman filtering found here,58048.0.html I think it's going to be quite a long while before I pick up another 8bit micro.
    The test code that it ships with is epic fun, ADC realtime scan feature! ADC noise analysis?! awesome! Pin state check, awesome!

  • I love this chip, I use it it read a thermocouple in a high temperature inductive heating/inductive plasma synthesis control system. It works really well, as long as care is taken for proper EMI shielding. The thermocouple heath status pin is an awesome feature.

  • Yep, no part in the sparkfun eagle lib, I searched line by line...

  • datasheet 404'd:( I found it here

  • This is an awesome chip. Works out of the box on the arduino! See great example: -sparkfun-compass-and-arduino

  • "Very confusing SMA termination. Almost all 2.4GHz devices now use what is called a Reverse Polarized SMA antenna (RPSMA)"
    ARG! I totally disagree, being an amateur radio operator, I have all kinds of 50 Ohm RF connectors, and cables and adapters for SMA, BNC, Type-N, etc... It seems to me, that generally, it's 2.4GHz 'wifi/zigbee' equipment that is the odd one out using RPSMA. Which makes RPSMA a total pain if I try to use my existing RF cables and adapters.
    So please, stock standard SMA RF components when you can! This antenna looks like it can't be much better than 0dBi, but I would love to pick up some SMA ducky 2.4GHz antennas that are a good 3dBi and 6dBi.