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I’m a second-year student at RHIT, wonderful school as long as you don’t mind being worked to death on a regular basis. So yea, that’s the entirety of my being for the next 2-3 years.

Programming Languages

C, C#, Java, ActionScript, MATLAB, Verilog, (learning Wiring)


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


programming, Data acquisition circuitry, robotics (fundamentals/electronic hardware/software)


Robotics, video games, weightlifting, reading philosophy, socio-economics, and political philosophy.




  • Very interesting. There’s definitely a give-and-take situation with patent and open-sourcing in the technology community.
    The open-source communities really do help with the proliferation of technology and engage people to tinker and develop, but I don’t think anyone can deny that businesses don’t necessarily profit from pure innovation, they profit from patentable innovation.
    Odd thing though, on a software project from last year, we actually had more difficulty with open-source items than others. Typically paid-license software has an easy set of channels to go through that would love nothing more than to sell you a license to use their work in your project, whereas if you find something based on an open-source project, you have to hunt for contact info and hope they’re keen on letting you use it.

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