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  • Trying to use the SparkFun LSM9DS1 library since it can change sample rates unlike the official Arduino library. Seems like it tries to call some SPI stuff that doesn't exist in the Mbed OS stuff? (even if you aren't using SPI)

    But when trying to compile the Basic_I2C example: error: 'class arduino::MbedSPI' has no member named 'setClockDivider' SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV2);

    How do I future proof this so it doesn't have the same error when somebody tries to run it after a fresh install?

    Arduino IDE 2.0 Beta 11 SparkFun LSM9DS1 IMU version 2.0.0 Arduino Mbed OS Nano Boards by Arduino version 2.4.1 Arduino AVR boards by Arduino version 1.8.3 (Not used I think)


    Update: the BLE Sense uses Wire1 for the sensors on the board. For now I also just commented out any SPI stuff in the LSM9DS1 library

  • Similarly, the load cells I received have two tapped M4 holes on one end, and two tapped M5 holes on the other. All other dimensions are accurate.

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