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Jeff L

Member Since: November 27, 2008

Country: United States


I love to learn stuff - from games, game engines, to real-world motion control and electronics.

  • That's good news, Greggor. I think Shawn has a great personality for explaining this stuff, but yeah... the audio issues make this nearly unwatchable. Even amateur you-tubers these days know that quality audio comes before everything else. Body language is important and all, but we understood Lucy just fine back in black and white SD video because the audio was clear. Get those acoustic tiles in place asap, or find a small 10x10 room and pillage everyone's pillows and blankets to create a proper acoustic environment for recording. :D

  • It's like inventing a bubble snap-case for the latest new design of Lego brick... with holes in the top to accommodate connections with other bricks. It... solves no problems that I can see.

    Obviously we are going to build off these platforms. I'm not sure what advantage having my platform in a plastic bubble offers.

    Edit: I was thinking about it this morning - how about a bottom plate that accommodates a platform like an Arduino Pro, and then custom snap-on side spacers and tops that expand the case for shields? The shields already stack up - seems there should be a case system that does that as well.

    Then at least the box could be extended to accommodate shields and keep a significant amount of the project inside the box.

  • I would love to see a wider array of generic, easy to mod cases - for those of us who just can't seem to paint inside the lines.

    Or how about a Sparkfun all-in-one 12x12 inch vac-u-form system? Please? :)

  • So.. maybe just offer repeat customers a little discount the way thousands of other companies do? Keeping existing customers happy is a cornerstone of most smart business owners. Did that go out of fashion in favor of lotteries?

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