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  • I found this guide very valuable. I now have updated the firmware, and have the big image installed on an SD card. I can use the RS232 terminal as well as ssh concurrently. I have an LED blinking away. I have also monitored the CPU temp via the examples code at Intel. I can also run python scripts on the Galileo. Thanks Sparkfun.

  • I used a USB Serial Converter by plugable. It works well with my Galileo. I bought the plugable originally for my RS232 driven telescope, a Meade ETX125, it works well with that also. I did have a DB9 female to 3.5mm jack plug cable lying around to plug into the plugable USB Serial Converter and the 3.5 mm jack into the Galileo. < This was from a previous and old piece of radio kit and is more common than some people think.

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