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  • I scored big. I got a Parallax Board of Education shield for an arduino, a bag of x-box joysticks, a bunch of PIC chips, big bread board, Parallax robotics kit minus the wheels and motors, 2 different types of cases. I have more stuff I in the box but I still have not looked at the surface mount MCU. What is the best / easiest / free way to upload an image without creating an account?

  • I got one, cool beans. I need some stuff for my quad experiments ( https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1370)

  • Hey,

    Some of the cheap quads (Walkera) use NRF2401: http://www.massiverc.com/PrestaShop/en/214-hisky-hmx120-micro-quad-rtf-with-cy400-transmitter.html

    The massiverc.com site can also sell a flashed controller ready for mods.

    More info on using the nRF24L01 transceiver module.


    If you want WLToys' new v2xx protocol, HiSky protocol, Tactic SLT and Nine Eagles General Link. Which allows you to fly your WLToys v202, v212 and v222 or HiSky FBL70 (HFP80), FBL80 (HCP80), FBL90 (HFP100), FBL100 (HCP100), WLToys v922, FF120 quad as well as the HobbyKing Qbot Micro.

    Any TX-R aircraft are compatible since the introduction of Tactic SLT support. This means HeliMax Axe 100 CP, Axe 100SS and SSL, as well as any Nine Eagles General Link compatible helis.

    And also the YD717 and SkyBotz quads.

    Again, you can harvest from the WLToys stock TX or purchase the module from Ebay for $11.

    Here's the HacksMods page detailing the nRF24L01 module solder points. 7 connection points

    Also, this guy has an Arduino Uno interfacing the system: http://www.deviationtx.com/forum/6-general-discussions/1829-v949-interface-to-arduino-avr

    Here is what the code looks like:

    for (i=0;i<8;i++){ word_temp=(packet[5+(2i)]+256packet[6+(2*i)]);

    if ((word_temp>900) && (word_temp<2200)) Servo_data=word_temp; }

    rcData[ROLL] = Servo_data[0]; //aileron rcData[PITCH] = Servo_data[1]; //elevator rcData[THROTTLE] = Servo_data[2]; //throtle rcData[YAW] = Servo_data[3]; //rudder rcData[AUX1] = Servo_data[4]; //aux1 rcData[AUX2] = Servo_data[5]; //aux2 rcData[AUX3] = Servo_data[6]; //aux3 rcData[AUX4] = Servo_data[7]; //aux4 }

    There is a google code project, rc-ppm-2-spi:

    Converts a RC ppm signal to something understood by SPI transceiver IC's https://code.google.com/p/rc-ppm-2-spi/ https://code.google.com/p/rc-ppm-2-spi/wiki/HardwareSymaX1Tx

    Some source code for controlling the micro quad from WL-Toys (model v202) with an arduino: https://bitbucket.org/rivig/v202/src/c2142a790c46/V202_arduino/

    Another quad being controlled by an Arduino: http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Android-controllable-PC-Interfaceable-Relati/step5/Building-the-Arduino-driven-radio/

    Chipset database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Any72n5Y9u-kdGFDeXhBY0I0ek1raTdEN21VTlBzTkE&usp=sharing

    How to flash the quad brain: https://github.com/hackocopter/JD385_Documentation/tree/master/Quad%20Firmware%20Flashing


    To add more brains to one of these toy quads may require the tinydino: http://jaanus.tech-thing.org/small-projects/tinydino-ready-and-in-stock/

    Update May 11, 2014: Now there is a nice Arduino lib for these micro quads, see http://www.wavecruncher.net/~execuc/projects/pv202_receiver/

    Would also be nice to add NavSpark RTK-GPS with cm-level accuracy:

    NavSpark is a small, powerful, breadboard-friendly, 32bit development board that is Arduino compatible, with a world class GPS receiver as on-board peripheral, and under $15.


    Nice Arduino lib for reading the radio: http://www.wavecruncher.net/~execuc/projects/pv202_receiver/

    Some guy used an Arduino Uno to get the whole thing working: http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Arduino-Quadricopter/?ALLSTEPS

    Also, checkout this vision sensor that has supporting an API for Arduino: http://cmucam.org/

    I see there is a cheap SD card that has linux and wifi with I2C support: http://freeio.org/2013/10/a-motherboard-for-a-wifi-enabled-sd-card/ . This could be hot glued to a micro quad for FPV capabilities.

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