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  • I have used Sun Microsystems SPARC based machines and have always had a great deal of respect for Sun Microsystems and their product. Recently, for a year or so, I have used and are using Sparkfun products in my personal projects. Sparkfun has also gained my respect for a well designed and supported product. At no time was I ever confused as to which company had the product I needed for a particular project. I am however an engineer... as are many in the Sun/SPARC "relevant purchasing group". So to get an unbiased view I asked my wife to look at both companies and tell me if they could be confused for one another or offered similar products. It only took about three minutes for her to tell me, "You're waisting my time with this. They're not even close. Are you trying to stir up trouble or something?". So it's unanamous, you don't have to be an engineer to tell the difference in SPARC and Sparkfun, but if you're an Attorney you may be confused.
    Stand Your Ground, No one is confused, but K&L Gates are definatly stirring up trouble.

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