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  • I just received one of these Sparkfun FTDI basics, because my other cable does not have a DTR pin. Unfortunately I'm still not able to upload & reset automatically (using the Pro Mini Clone). AFAIK this clone is capable of this function. I need to disconnect/reconnect the FTDI cable every time I want to program, or hit the reset button. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? 

  • I just removed the capacitor. Unfortunately I don't have any other 10uF capacitors laying around, but since I'm using a battery (thus no voltage spikes/noise) I removed the bad cap, and the board seems to work without any problems. Maybe just a faulty capacitor?

  • So, since it could handle up to 16V I connected a 9V battery to GND and the 5V input, en then the C3 completely burned out with a small cloud of smoke and the well known smell. Did I make a rookie mistake? Or did I have bad luck with an already faulty piece of hardware?

  • I switched the yellow and the white wire, and it worked like a charm! Thanks guys!

  • I tried to use this board with the 5V FTDI cable (, unfortunately I'm unable to connect to the XBee module. The XBee Explorer ( works without any issues. Any idea what's wrong here?

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