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  • Does anyone know about getting SNR or signal strength from this? Im thinking about using this for a project but I need to get the signal power. Thanks.

  • Totally useless product

  • Completely useless, I have no idea what happened but when I wire it up according to the tutorial on arduinos site for the Hello World! LCD program, nothing but the backlight comes on. Also the pins are flipped from where they are in the schematic. Total cluster fuck of a product. EDIT: So apparently the product works fine, and I apologize to all those at sparkfun. I should be on the arduino forums tell them that the tutorial is a cluster F**k and not this item. for those who had the same problem, you have to connect pin 15 Vin and pin 16 to GND, everything on the tutorial is correct.

  • I know it's been 4 years since you posted this comment but I'm curious as to what you mean. Do you mean a rotary encoder that controls the output resistance of this pot?

  • It would be great if anyone knew where you could find rubberized screws to put in these to use as bumpers to stand on. Im looking to use these so theyll weigh down my arduino and mojo, but Id like some rubber to put on the female part to keep it from sliding around on my desk (which is glass, and metal makes a screeching sound)

  • So I just received four of these in the mail today (8-20-2014) and all of my previous experience was with radio shacks 7-segment displays and none others. So i plug one in and start trying to figure out which pins light which LED and one after another they start to burn out, well shit. After i realized they had indeed burned out, i also realized that these suckers are hungry for some electrons, so please BEWARE that you need a decent sized resistor connecting it to Vcc i used a 10k and the lights lit up fine. This bad boy is very bright as well, but just make sure you've got some protection so this doesn't happen to you. BTW I've never needed resistors on the radioshack LED's so it didn't cross my mind to use resistors on these displays but we live and learn i guess.