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  • Thanks! I actually thought of the in-line idea, but I thought it would prevent the battery from being able to be charged via USB if the switch couldn't go to the "OFF" position...

    How did you find out what model of switch the Logomatic has?

    Finally, I am also interested in adding a RGB LED to indicate the battery voltage. The setup for that and code is easy. My only problem is that when I do an analogRead of the voltage on the "BATT" pin, the numbers are way off. I know the code is correct for converting to the correct voltage. I used my multimeter to read the voltage between the "BATT" pin and ground...it will intermittently display the correct voltage (4.2V, for example) but not steadily. Did I just do a poor soldering job, or cause damage from too much heat?

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Hi all,

    I am making an embedded system with this and aim to put in in a 3D printed case. I'd like to have a panel mount ON/OFF switch. I figured the Logomatic has a SPDT switch, and as such bought some panel mount ones. Does anyone know what type of switch this has? And the best way to go about soldering on a panel mount one?

    This is my first embedded system, and I'm a relative noob in general. Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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