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  • Hi guys, I use this motor together with the Big Easy Driver and everything works quite well besides: Regardless of whether I use microstepping or not, the motor just turns at a full step. Principally microstepping is working: I have to trigger the the correct amount of steps to get it turn the desired angle and I also can hear that the motor is changing its sound when I shift it by a single step (in microstepping mode). So the driver seems to work, but the motor does not turn every microstep, but just every fullstep. E.g. in the 1/8 microstepping mode I have to trigger 8 steps until the motor moves for the first time. But then it travels the correct 0.9 degrees. The same problems seems to appear for every other microstepping value, so I need to trigger 4 steps in the 1/4 mode to see it turning. In fullstep mode of course everything works as expected. Does anyone have an idea about this, or do I just don't grasp it? Cheers, Chris

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