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  • So far I can't seem to get the ESP8266 Thing to work. The board definitions for the Arduino IDE won't even download on OSX because of SSL errors. I can get the blink sketch to work on Linux, but no internet connectivity. In contrast, I was able to get a Photon board up and running on my local network, so I know this isn't a network issue per-se. The hookup guide provides no help when one of the setup steps fails. I'm not even sure where to start debugging this. It seems that the ESP8266 ThingDev is still too experimental and buggy compared to, say, Arduino boards.

  • Hello, I followed the tutorial up through the "posting to phant" example. I have tried two different wireless networks, and neither seems to work: I upload the sketch and just get a blinking blue LED indicating that no connection is made. Are there suggested next steps for debugging?

  • 3D printed dodecahedron using these parts : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5750
    ( thanks in part to free-day )

  • Ah... so I have failed and now have a dead duemilanove and easy driver.
    as a general question, how do I know how to hook up a given 4 wire stepper motor to this board ?
    I can test the connection between wires, so that gives me the wires for each coil, [a] [b], but .. does the orientation matter ? This still leaves open 4 possible writings ( 2 directions x 2 coils ).
    Whatever I hooked up worked for the default largest step size, but made weird noises when I tried to turn on half stepping. I wondered if orientation mattered, and how to test for this ?

  • 2?
    - people reselling on e-bay are sociopaths.
    - free day would have been over in seconds if servers had been infinitely fast: expect to lose either way.
    - brilliant advertising
    - Will you guys make enough money in the next week to cover free day, by virtue of people who didn't get the discount placing smaller orders ?
    - Sounds like you should see if you can fund a small sponsoring program for poor college students ( submit schematics, cartoons, get X dollars in Free ? )
    - got in at the end (10:44). I was watching the little progress bar advance the whole time wholly expecting disaster. I will now be able to make a prototype for a new do-it-yourself. I usually dumpster parts, and I am grateful for this (less bleeding and snow involved, (besides, where am I going to get a boost converter in the trash (though I did find a nice little MIDI board the other day))?).
    - Free day went exactly as expected and exactly as advertised. It is unfortunate that some people had higher expectations that were dashed.