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  • With a 2300mAH 1.3V NiMH battery and a 330 ohm resistor load on the output I'm seeing 3.05 volts. That's only 9mA.
    I also noticed that the no-load voltage is 3.7V not 3.3V as advertised.
    I looked closely at the part on the board and the package is marked "DBKRLW". According to the datasheet that's a 38T1 part (3.8V) not a 33T1 part (3.3V).
    I'm a sparkfun fan and have lots of your stuff, but this one is not really good for much.

  • Great tutorial Nathan. Thanks!
    I couldn't get the remote reset function working, and did some digging. I looked at the DIO3 pin on the remote xbee and discovered it was not doing anything. I had to add the following configuration change to the remote xbee:
    This binds the outputs of the remote xbee to mirror the inputs of the base xbee.
    I also added the following change to the remote xbee:
    This causes the remote DIO3 line to return back to its default state (high) after 500ms.
    Now you don't need the .1uF cap between DIO3 and RESET. When RTS goes low on the base unit, the remote RESET is held low 500ms and then goes back high, allowing the atmega to run.

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