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  • No worries, what I should have said is, “if ONE fixes their code”. The fix is simple to change the RX/TX in any software, not specifically provided by Sparkfun. For example, when I instantiate a NewSoftSerial port, the difference between the two revisions of the board would be:
    NewSoftSerial nss(3, 2); //older rev
    NewSoftSerial nss(2, 3); //newer rev
    A note about the physical change would probably save others some time.

  • If I’m not mistaken, this part is not a drop in replacement for the previous revison:
    In the new rev, D2 is D_RX, and D3 is D_TX whereas with the previous rev, D2 is D_TX and D3 is D_RX.
    This isn’t a problem if you correct your code, but if you try to use the two parts interchangeably BEWARE! Can I get back 2 hour of my life?

  • GEEK, says it all

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