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  • I'd use gold plated traces on a pcb.
    The next hurdle is to make some kind o way to mount the fragile glass unit on a PCB. Maybe combined with some kind of backlighting or sidelighting.
    Any idea's for a laser cut transparent holder ?

  • I came across this :
    No idea what the size is..

  • I like the board but would like to make some changes. The forum mentions "take the FEZ Domino board design (we provide it for free) and modify it".
    Is there a more explicit license ? Apache / Creative Commons / GPL maybe ?

  • Nice board. Any notes on performance ? Like bitbanging IO in a loop ?
    Any idea how the preformance compares to the mbed or jumentum ? I'd like to have an idea how the performance hit of the VM compares to the not so big advantage of C# over C++ and the quite big advantage of not having to deal with jtag debuggers and GDB.

  • It's a mega-buspirate or a mini wiring ( http://wiring.org.co/hardware/ ). I do hope it has a higher baudrate than the Arduino. Wouldn't it be cheaper to get rid of the FTDI and use an AVR or PIC with native USB ?

  • Yup. Same here. I was redirected here from a post labelled "Soldering". I'm using Google Reader.

  • Thanks for yet another great tutorial !
    I'd like to know more about BatchPCB Outline and the Mill job in the CAM.
    BatchPCB allows me to upload a "outline" file. Can you give us some hints how to generate such a file ?
    The Eagle CAM file mentioned above generates a .GML file which uses the "Milling" layer (46) in Eagle. For the outline i'd expect it to generate a file based on "Dimension" (20).
    Also, previous tutorials mentioned using a cleaned up version of the silkscreen "_tPlace" (121) (generated after running "silk_gen.ulp"). The script removes silkscreening on solderable areas. This tutorial doesn't mention it and the CAM uses the "tPlace" (21) only. In the pictures I see pin labels, do you add other layers to the silkscreen as well ?
    Thanks again, Ivo

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