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  • Nice Job! Just a thought... Remove bracing and replace with ply, mdf or masonite panels. Birch or oak veneered ply is nice for staining.

    Drill, counter sink, fill, sand and paint/stain/seal the panels before hand - epoxy paints are extremely durable, and can be very smoothly finished facilitating the addition of inspiring and thought provoking graphics.

    Add casters to the underdesk cabs to facilitate cleaning - solid plate beneath the cab or built-up triangles/squares in the corners to mount the casters to if necessary.

    Add led light tubes under the top shelf - programmable leds are fun, cool white setting is nice for work...

    Add an E-Stop button someplace to trigger effects to keep visitors amused.

    It's not that I don't like the braces - they're great! But on the bench top, particularly, a backing panel kills racking while keeping rolly bits from tumbling off the back. On the sides or short ends, racking is also eliminated and you have a large fastenable area to mount lead or tool hangers, parts bins, etc.

    Anyways, am redoing my little workroom and these ideas were floating about.

    or... darken the stain and add brass and crystal adornments. <-- Who doesn't love darker wood, brass and crystal??!

    You did a great job already - thanks for sharing with us!

  • Claw appears to be nicely stamped aluminum. Clutch is steel.

  • they were included - just ordered this month.

  • 132g - everything except a servo ( claw, clutch, servo mount screws and nuts, clutch mount screw and bushing 94g - claw minus clutch and clutch mounting hardware 38g - clutch and clutch hardware.

  • I would remind any nay-sayers that you get a wonderful Claw for $11.95 + shipping. It does have quirks and flaws, yes. It's twelve by-blessed dollars - WOW! A little file work on the edges helps, maybe you have one that needs the clutch spline drilled slightly or to be used on a plastic shaft, little bodging about, yes yes, it happens...

    But it's $12! $12!! You can use a $3 servo with it or an $11 servo. A cool, robotic claw! No, it's not perfect but, my happy-dancing-dog, you can have a WORKING ROBOTIC CLAW for less than tickets and popcorn for two at the movies!!! How is that not just WonDerFuL?!?!

    The world is not perfect, and the MK-II Claw could be cited as proof of that - or, or, you could say "Pretty damned close!! I'll just apply a little finesse and get this dialed in! Hone my mechanical fitting skills, I will! What a great opportunity to SHINE!"

    I'm 53 and you have before you now all the marvelous things I could only dream of as a child and for most of my adult life - don't let the little hiccups sour the wonder of it all, yeah? And, we should all be thankful for those folks out there that make these lovely bits and pieces of our dreams for us - because the alternative is to jigsaw the parts out of ply or plastic and really really have to fiddle it - been there, done that, learned lots, loved it but wouldn't wish it on a friend although I may teach it to my granddaughter. So! Chins way up! Eyes on the prize!

  • Please ref the reply to JohnHenry above. First, thank you for a very nice claw. You should, however, ensure the clutch fits the recommended servo properly & consistently. Many of us expect things recommended by the claw mfr or sales point to actually fit nicely right off. My wife is one of those. I do as well, but don't mind a little bodge-work to set things right. Having to very tight fit on a plastic shaft, or drill / file something on a metal shaft or the clutch shouldn't happen too often. Anysomehow, My wife loves the Claw, didn't want to have to modify anything, but is now satisfied and so am I. Whatever faults the Claw has, it's price, sturdy construction and cool mag clutch really do make up for. Thanks again, and have a fab day =)

  • Having same problem here - clutch's splined hole just a hair small, so it's not just you. At first I went cheap and tried other servos HK-15148, Turnigy TGY-1160A & TGY S31015 I had on hand - was able to press-fit them, but would have had to drill out the plastic output shaft to use the particular screw provided, or change to a smaller screw and fatter bushing/bearing tube. Decided to purchase the recommended servo after all, but alas... Since the clutch didn't want to fit any of these in an easy, proper manner (and it should have) - it's the clutch spline hole, not us. Other than this, I think the Claw is absolutely peachy for the price. Maybe the next will fit better, but in any case, I'm buying more of these gems.

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