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  • Im confused.. is this the same as the metawatch Frame??? Or is this an older edition? Differences???

  • So where do servo motors sit in the bundle? BTW Fantastic animations, was able to show it in my tutorial and the number of "ah huh" momements with the stepper motor was incredible.

    BTW: Efficiency occurs if you can co ordinate repulsion with attraction at the same time, ie therefore the torque produced is effectively doubled as all the windings are effectively "active" and conferring work to the shaft.

  • So proud of Mads & Marcus! Especiallywith their kickstarter... shows that Innovation isn't dead in Oz. Want to put out a shout to the guys at Freetronics also in melbourne- this band of academics-turned manufacturers put an incredible amount of attention in their products taking the original Arduino systems and then improving and integrating features. Be wonderful if sparkfun could take on their designs and distribute Aussie innovation to the World.

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