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  • Can we get a schematic for the SUP500F or is it just breaking out the Venus and adding a chip antenna?

  • Free Day didn't work for me. I am an SF customer. I was all set to order my stuff. Then I spent two hours getting blank pages. By then I had gotten really frustrated and realized that my time was worth more than the free stuff.
    I know you wanted to attract new customers, but the reality is that free distorts the economics too much. If you make something free, people will grab a handful just because it's free, not because they actually wanted or needed whatever you were offering.
    I do applaud your goal of giving back, but perhaps next time (assuming there is a next time) you should do something like 50% off for a day, or random orders are made free. Either of those would still be a big win for people who really want the products, but would discourage the people who are getting it just because it's free.