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  • I have this board and I'm actually wanting to take some experimental data. I'm needing about a 200Hz sample rate at minimum for the accel (and gyro as well if possible, I've only looked into the accel). I know the ADXL345 is capable of much higher sample rates than that, and I know that I2C is capable of much higher rates as well.

    I've been looking through the code and I've found where I can turn up the I2C bit rate, and I know what initialization I need to add to the ADXL345 to increase its sample rate. What I'm wondering is if there is any limitation (and hence why it wasn't done) that I'm not accounting for. I tried going through the ATmega328 datasheet a bit, but couldn't really locate the I2C or clock limitations. I was hoping for a quick answer. Even if the baud is left at 57600, I should still be able to achieve ~300Hz allowing for a little headroom. Has anyone increased the sample rate on this guy with any success?

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