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  • Thanks, I will choose a better shipping option this time, when you guys receive it.

  • thanks, I have a case running with usps, and today some inspector called and said they will make sure it wont happen again and they have sent a note to post office. And neighbours, i am in good terms with them, they have surely not got it. i am sure abt it. Its the post office people.

    but nothing we can do about it, i guess economy shipping and free shipping are not an option anymore. i usedt to think when its not urgent, i can use these. but unfortunatel, this is their game field, where they play to their will. Not sure, if sparkfun should have such unreliable shipping as an option.

    to add to this all, the name that they call this type of post is called surepost. man !

  • Folks be very careful with sparkfun on economy light shipping. The dont mention it, but they don't take any responsibility or provide any guarantee that the item will reach you. ( its not about time as it mentions its also no guarantee throw and forget shipping ) , heres my story with facts :

    My order number : 954563 ( (April 20, 2014) ) , Total Value : 85.65 $ ) , Shipping Method: Economy Light

    and here's the tracking number on USPS : 92748924911461551000498179

    USPS , never delivered it, and then said it caem and i was not there and ready for pickup in a post office that is 11 miles away. I went there, but the pack was not there in post office, they said they will look into it promptly and get back.

    I contacted sparkfun and all i requested was for help from their side to check and see, call usps, take some responsibility. But nothing. They bluntly said , you choose free shipping, it is upto you, you get your post or not.

    and then I ended up raising a official case with usps, and they got scared and shipped the package back to sparkfun, ( you can see the fun if you go to usps track and confiirm and enter the above tracking number )

    here is the reason usps gives :

    Your item was returned to the sender on May 2, 2014 at 12:12 pm in WESTERVILLE, OH 43082 because the addressee moved and left no forwarding address.

    All this, while i am in the SAME EXACT address, and i woudl surely know if i had moved !

    So much for a company which advertises that its speciality ,its communiyt and for project people. whats the problem here , basically the following :

    86 dollar package ( lets face, we wall know they charge premium, nothign is cheap here ), and no reliable free shipping. I brought a 8 dollar juicer with free shipping from amazon.

    Absolutely no responsibility, the persom from sparkfun whom i chatted with, send me a whole page of some detaisl on shipping and told sorry you are dissatisfied. Hell ya, 86 dolalrs and i have Nada in my hand, and you openly say you dont give a damn, who is going to be satisfied !

    ITs not worth it folks, they might have started with good intentions of being a speciality shop, but buying such circuitry from big organizations protects you in many ways and atleast wont pull the plug.

    If they had called up usps, and did some pushing as a seller and a sender atleast it woudl have been better.

    Now i only hope they dont eat away my money too, and refund me on the return of package. they themselves can go and track and see the usps status.

    ifthis is the fate of small business here, i can see why people prefer big online retailers, who safegaurd every dollar buy !

    very sorry !

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