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  • Hi, We have an ATMEGA 128RF A1 development board from spark fun as instructed from the Atmel website, we downloaded the bit-cloud for mega and burned the pre-compiled hex into the chip using ISP. Then we changed the fuse setting for the oscillator to EXTCLOCK_6CK_0MS that bricked the chip. We assure that we have not disabled the ISP and or the Reset function.

    We tried to revive the chip by injecting a 1 Mhz 2.5 Volt uni polar clock to the XTAL1 of the chip but failed.

    When we try to change the clock frequency of the ISP interface, it shows a success message, but we can’t program anything via ISP.

    Tried re-flowing the chip and tested for any contact error with the pads, but no contact error has been found.

    Is there any other solution for this problem? We have lost 2 RFA1 chips now.

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