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  • Product DEV-12749 | about 2 months ago

    Three reasons i can see. double the ram, double the on board storage, and it is easier to get it running due to the full sized hdmi and being easier to power. Beyond that the direct arduino compatibility is the main selling point.

  • Product PGM-11460 | about 8 months ago

    The board files in the link above are incomplete. Use the ones in the MIT tutorial. That fixed this problem for me.

  • Product PGM-11460 | about 9 months ago

  • Product PGM-11460 | about 9 months ago

    Actually you can do this. You need the proper deffinitions. The one in the links above is terrible. Use the one found in the MIT tutorial

    Or to just download without reading anything.

    This enables you to upload directly from the programmer and fixes all the other errors that the bad boards.txt file causes.

  • News - According to Pete: August… | about 9 months ago

    Well the thing about data logging is realizing that there is no such thing as analog or digital. It is all just numbers. Your log is just going to be a long list of numbers. Your logger won’t care where they came from. The arduino will convert analog to digital, and receive digital values over i2c/spi. Then it just regurgitates the numbers, without caring what they mean, for the data loger to store. You can then have a program interperate the numbers when you retrieve them. Personally I would use excel, but vernier labvue could easily be used to re-display the data as a series of instruments.

    Now that I think about it, I would probably use a propellor. Use one cog to gather and process the data, one to log it, and one to display the data as it is being logged.

  • Product COM-10302 | last year

    This is great except for two problems. The legs are too short to use in a breadboard, and they are to fat to fit in most protoboard.

  • Product KIT-11006 | about a year ago

    Just once i would like to get more than half way through a project before finding out you have just released the same thing as a kit.

  • Product DEV-11280 | about 2 years ago

    Wow that is one seriously shiny quarter.

  • Product DEV-10705 | about 3 years ago

    I like th idea of the myDaq, however the limitations of the device place an unfortunate catch-22 on it. Anyone with a reason to need a myDaq has the skills, if not the specific knowledge, to replace it with an arduino in less time than it would take for the myDaq to arrive in the mail.

  • News - B-Squares | about 3 years ago

    So if I hooked the arduino square up to the iPod square would they be able to communicate?

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