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  • I think the Bildr tutorial has it's description a little backwards. The technique it shows is correct but it description of WHY is wrong...I think. They say:

    The amount of that 5V that each part gets is proportional to its resistance. So if the the FSR and the resistor have the same resistance, the 5V is split evenly (2.5V) to each part. (analog reading of 512)

    But if the FSR is pressed on pretty hard, reading only 1K of resistance, the 10K resistor is going to soak up 10 times as much of that 5V. So the FSR would only get .45V. (analog reading of 92)

    And if something is barely pressing on it, the FSR may be 40K of resistance, so the FSR will soak up 4 times as much of that 5V as the 10K resistor. So the FSR would get 4V. (analog reading of 819)

    In the last two paragraphs they suggest that the voltage reading goes down the greater you press on the FS. That hasn't been my experience. Am I missing something?

    This may be a better tutorial.

  • Why are these so much more expensive than the FSRs?

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