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  • seriously yes I'am still reading. And i'm waiting for the next news

  • does it work with adaptator for 220 volt french elcetric network ?

  • I really love to have a new post from sparkfun in my rss feed. For real it's like a joy for me to see a news because it's a good way to purchase goods I really love, waiting each month for my pay, just to bought something from my favorite company one the web.
    But today it's a really bad news. I'm launching a company and whe have registred our name, we are afraid to receive such letter. I think you can win. But I think you should'nt communicate about that it can deserve you. For me it's NOT a good operation for the SUN market image...

  • a perfect product to replace odometer in small size rolling robots !
    I'm waiting for my end of month money :)

  • of course. numeric electronic it's like a lego game, you juste have to plug component between each others, take care of max current for port, pin and gates, and it roll. next step program your stuff, it can work with arduino pic and many component.
    Maybe somebody will give you some sample program...