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Bogdan Kecman

Member Since: December 7, 2008

Country: United States

  • If you are upgrading from 460 to 795, don't forget to setup compiler parameters for new config, mplabx do not copy them (I spent a week figuring out why is usb host not working only to see that no heap was allocated in ld settings)

  • I give up :(
    I got this board 10 months ago and when it arrived I tried to make it work via SPI. It didn't and I used some other oled screens that did for a while. Now I revisited this board trying again both SPI and parallel mode. After rewriting the code for pic32 and it didn't work I used exactly the same code from avr example on atmega644 (what code was written for) and this board still don't work :(. So I assume the board is faulty and not the firmware :( .... too bad I spent more then 100 hours trying to make this piece of .. work ..

  • That is a bold statement taking into account that both SF's doc and manual for SSD1339 state that VDD=2.4-3.5V and VDDIO=1.5V - 3.5V
    The 5.5V is mentioned in Epson's SED1335 that does not mention BS1 and BS2 so it might not be the chip from this board. If you have link to SSD1335 that is "from this board" please share :)

  • tried that too, no luck :(
    If you managed to make it run as SPI .. do you mind sharing code and schematic? I don't really care what mcu you are using :) (I prefer C if I can chose)

  • Any chance you can link the 1335 manual that describes this device properly? I only found SED1335 and BS1/BS2 don't exist there .. The SED1335 (SEIKO EPSON) states that VDD is 2.7 to 5.5V !!!
    Can this really work on 5V???

  • Is there a chance one can check if one has LCD-09676 or LCD-00763? All pictures of both product look same and I have no idea if I have one or another.
    I can't get this one (or the LCD-00763) work SPI .. tried every trick I know ..

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