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  • So what I've done is replacing the L6470. It seemed to work, but then I realised the smooth motion was gone. I see opnly rectangles on the scope and the motor keeps bumping and shaking around. Communication works flawlessly. The charge pump diodes seem to be in shape, according to what I could measure. Could there be some other thing that is to be repaired/replaced for propper functioning?

  • Hey everyone, Just used this board, worked fine until I wanted to measure coil voltage during motion. I must have wired something comletely wrong... Anyway, I replaced the 3V3 regulator on my attached STM32F0-DISCOVERY. Now it seems the L6470 internal regulator is dead. I get 270mV when measureing the VREG pin havin attached 24V at motor +/-. Tried to use 5V external (resoldered jumper) from Discovery board, but this just shuts down the regulator on Discovery.

    Is the L6470 completely broken then? Will try to replace the L6470 IC. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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