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  • Hi the code in examples on the learn.sparkfun.com page: Example 1:Config BPM Mode 1 SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub bioHub(DEF_ADDR, resPin, mfioPin);

    Doesn't match the call in github library to the driver SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub::SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub(uint16_t resetPin, uint16_t mfioPin, uint8_t address) {

    Couldn't get anything to work until I changed example to SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub bioHub(resPin, mfioPin);

    The examples in github are correct


  • Hi folks, does anyone know where to find some sort of template for creating a cutout for this meter using something like front panel express


  • Thanks

  • Hi Peter, trying to use your LCD code on this shield with a sparkfun GPS shield and was wondering if you are aware of any issues. With all attached if I use the GPS and make and only call
    ioinit(); //Initialize I/O
    LCDInit(); //Initialize the LCD
    The GPS code seems to function ok and I can see the GPS reading NEMA strings
    but if I add
    LCDPutStr("Start GPS", 0, 4, ORANGE, WHITE);
    The code seems to go into a continuous reset loop.
    Running just your sample LCD code (3 buttons for different screens) also seems to work ok when all three boards are connects (arduino uno, lcd, gps)
    any thoughts?

  • Anyone have any experience combining this LCD shield with the sparkfun GPS Shield?

  • Switching TX and RX solved my problem as well. Hey Sparkfun might be a good idea to fix the sample code.

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