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  • I agree. Considering that Philips hue lights also have Zigbee radios it would be awesome if nest and Philips could figure out a way to have alarms flash all the hues in the house a specific color and with a specific pattern.

  • I was so ready to buy one of these, but then I discovered that the wired versions do not connect to the third wire (the red, or traveler wire) that is used to interconnect all the detectors in a home. Where I live, the building code requires all detectors to be interconnected, if one sounds, then every detector in the house must sound. True, all the Protects you buy will interconnect to each other, but depending on the layout, a 4 bedroom house might require 6 or 7 or more detectors. So the idea of buying one or two Protects to place in the house to enhance the Nest thermostat temp and auto-away features is not an option. Bummed.

  • How is this different than a 74LVC244 Buffer/Line Driver?

  • 7219 is a cool little chip. I wrote a complete demo program for it on the Basic Stamp platform that is freely available at
    One program exercises all the features, the other program is just a "driver" for basic functionality.

  • Can anyone recommend a service provider plan that works with this device, but does not require a monthly contract?

  • I did and I really like it. I am focusing on the OBD-II project. Its easy to follow and has lots of good practical advice and explanations of why various design points were chosen...at least the parts I have read thus far.

  • This part comes in a number of Field of View choices...which one exactly are you selling?

  • This is a direct result of Sun announcing that they are going to lay of 3000 employees this week. Some bone head attorneys need to justify their existence by filing frivolous BS claims. K&L's retainer is probably up for renewal so they had to look busy.
    This is the final nail in the Sun coffin, they have stooped to a new low. Long live the golden days of Sun.
    Also, don't go to sparc.org, it appears to have been exploited by hackers. Anyone having visited that site should sue them for serving and propagating malware.

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