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  • I have one done in Solidworks.

    I dont think it has all the holes but you are welcome to a copy.

  • I have just started with the Fio v3.

    I managed to load the Blink example into the board from my Mac but it now seems to "lose" the serial port. I think I could have loaded Blinky with the board set as a Fio not a Fio v3 (Sparkfun library).

    I can get the connection back briefly by doing a quick double reset, connecting and uploading but this seems very wrong.

    The serial monitor wont work while a program is running.

    I read on the site that I might have to reinstall the Bootloader for which I need yet another connector (sigh)

    Has anyone else had this happen- am I on the right track with the Bootloader?

    Many thanks

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