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  • Will these come in an electrostatic version?

  • These devices generally have a MT-BF (mean time between failure) of about 10000 hrs from what I’ve read.

    As to it falling, if you put it on a flat stationary surface the device shouldn’t fall over. I suggest glue if you have further gravitational concerns.

  • Silicone. Like the caulk used to keep moisture out.

    Cant ever remember there is a difference.. Gets me every time… sorry about the ambiguity folks.

  • Is this why when I use a basic circuit (connected, on and off doesnt matter) My finger can cause it to switch on and off unintentionally??

  • From cross product investigation, generally the side seals are made from silicon.

  • I used If i remember 5AA Ni-MH batteries and this thing became very cool. I did not want to touch it. Hot end became very very hot. Putting some mafths into this Ni-MH = 1.2V nominal. The batteries had a rated capacity of 2400mAh. I had 2 wells of them, and it ran for an hour with 2 5V fans attached to it. That is 1.2V x (2.4A x 2) = 6.9W of power put into it. It maintained a small Styrofoam’s internal air temperature, and slowed the rate at which the ice inside was melting. Later, I hooked this up to 10 Ni-MH batteries and it got cold and hot so fast it was crazy. Make sure to heat sink/fan the hot side if you are using this to cool. Its power is based off of its potential to create temperature gradients.

    Experience and Summary: This thing runs at 5V. It probably can Run at lower voltages. It will draw as much current as you let it. The more voltage you let it have, The bigger temperature difference it can achieve. The more amperes you feed it, the faster it can achieve that difference.

  • The Wiki in the link above is outdated. I bought this, and took me a while to figure out how to use it. At the college today, found an excellent source that breaks it down in a simple yet meaningful way that nearly anyone could understand.

    I dont see a datasheet for this particular thermocooler on this websites page… This is one of the products where the datasheet really helps to demonstrate application…

  • Just bought these, how do i mount something onto the motor shaft?

  • The good thing about the infrastructure investment now is that when more efficient solar panels of the same size become readily available, you will not need any additional building modifications, and minimal hardware additions. Solar panels are pretty nice, especially when you connect them to a Battery bank. This way, if the grid happens to go down, you still have a power supply/ a way to store the energy the solar panels are making.

    One last note about solar panels: panels that are placed flat need to have the protective glass on it cleaned every so often. The fine layer of dirt and dust that builds on it reduces the panel’s output significantly. It has also been noted that Solar panels that are installed at a shallow angle do not need to be cleaned, that the rainwater from outside actually keeps it clean.

  • Any Chance that you will come out with a ½ Watt resistor kit? For those of us who use bulkier resistors due to… being prone to lighting things on fire…. :/

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