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  • Well… The item showed up in my cart as available, I immediately clicked go to checkout, and the availability went to the back-ordered state before the checkout page finished loading. So I believe I am “entitled” to a little bit of griping.

    If I was just slow off the line and at the back of the pack, then granted that is my own doing. But this was not the case.

    I suppose that I should have included that explanation in my original post to provide a little context.

  • EPIC FAIL!!!

  • You need to seriously rethink this whole process… cause' it ain’t working for s***.

  • The whole process was a joke. Had it in may cart. As soon as I went to pay it was back-ordered. Thanks for nothing except wasting my time.

  • Don’t know if I just got a bad batch. 4 out of the 6 that I ordered were already half discharged the first time I used them.

  • The only issue so far. The documentation is absolute garbage. A lot of it still covers only the older versions of the board. If anyone could recommend a better source I am open to suggestions.

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