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  • I am wondering how these react when dimmed through PWM. I am guessing that along with the light output getting dimmer the rate of cycle will also slow. That is a guess. Has anyone used these in a PWM application? Is my guess correct? Does anything else get screwey? I am intending to use 16 of these to be driven by a TI TLC5940 chip controlled by an arduino. This is only one piece of this complex lighting project, but I am wondering if this will work or not.

  • Would I be able to mount a bunch of these using thermal tape on an old transistor heatsink I have? The heatsink is about 1 inch by about 4 inches, was originally designed for 3 high power transistors. I would like to be able to use that then mount it with power supply in an enclosure as a small up lighting wall wash fixture. If possible I would like to drive it with 5V if I can find an appropriate constant current driver for it, if not I can go with 12v if I have to.

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