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  • I soldered the sparkfun HCM5843 breakout board onto this one to create a 9DOF sensor and i'm having some serious, what seem to be capacitive, issues with the ITG-3200. I'm using the MSP430F2274 and my code can run endlessly communicating with the other two sensors. I can get data from ITG-3200 from anywhere between 1 and 20 secs and then it freezes. Logic analyser shows that the ITG-3200 is just sending back a nack in response to a read. This happens when it is just lying on the table but when i go to touch it, nine times out of ten it will freeze. Should i be tying the interrupt lines low or adding in an extra capacitor somewhere? i just tried a 2.2uF across the supply rails but no change. This also happens no matter what speed i run the i2c bus at.

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